Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving into Civilization!...

It has finally happened! We have made the move and are in the new house in Gilbert, AZ. Can't believe we finally live "in town". We have lived a 1/2 hour outside of the gilbert area for the last 6 years and are SO excited to be here!

The packing went well (I learned from the Maricopa move, and was very organized with this move. I color coded EVERYTHING), the loading went well and the unloading went well....AND FAST!

Preston's Uncle Brad has managed a moving company for 18 years and so when we said we were moving, he asked "What do you need and when?". What a guy. He got us boxes, tape, paper to wrap the glass in....It was AMAZING. (I am sure everyone knows about wardrobe boxes, but I did not and they are spectacular!! So nice to put all of the hanging items in them and transfer them so neatly to the closets!!)

So, Thursday night (Aug. 26th), Preston and I came to the new house to clean the whole thing before the big move. I originally thought I would be doing this alone so it was a GREAT surprise when Preston got an "early out" to come help. We vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, and all of the cabinets. It was fast and made me feel a million times better about moving our things in.

Friday night comes and everyone makes it over to help load the truck. (The reason they loaded on Friday night is because of me being so psycho about scorpions. I wanted all of the boxes in the garage black lighted before going into the truck. The ones inside were taped at every corner or crack in the box, to ensure that no scorpions would get in. I know, psycho!!) They start at 6pm and finish at 10 pm. (It took exactly as long as Uncle B said...he def knows what he's doing!) Then, Saturday morning, Uncle B comes with his wife, 2 boys and daughter....They had everything unloaded into the new house by 11am. It was AMAZING!!

So we are now here, settling in, making it OUR home. Presley LOVES this house, which makes me SOO happy. Jaggar loves that he can go anywhere and he is exhausting me!! Both are doing so well in their new rooms and Jaggar slept his first 10 hour night in I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW LONG last lets keep that going!!

Here are a few pics of the house...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We have a 3 year old! WHAT?!

Presley is 3! We cannot believe it. It's been an emotional birthday for us. I guess when you have you kids you have a hard time picturing yourself with anything other then a baby. It's gone quick and it's been SO fun. She has got quite the personality and has been talking since she was barely over a year so she has had a lot to say already in her 3 years.
Yesterday was a perfect day. Since Daddy had to work, she got our presents the night before her birthday. She was very excited to get them and that officially started her birthday!

The day started off with her waking up before Preston left for work. So he got her juice and started her movie and I found her lounging on the couch when I came out of the room. She spent the morning playing with her new playdough set with 20 colors (well not anymore...I would say 15 now since they have been mixed ;) ) Then, it was nap time....

After naps, we went to pick up the keys to our new house and then over to Aunt Sheri's house for dinner, cake and presents. This was the first year that we sang happy birthday to Pres without her crying. She actually sang along this year!

Presley asks EVERY morning if she can have fruit snacks, even before for her birthday, she got them..first thing...and was VERY happy about it....

Pres, Jag and Mommy...

Presley eating her Chocolate Penguin (Happy Feet) Cake that Nana made for her...
Pres, Logan, Jaggar and Hailey (and Preston getting down to business and eating his dinner)...

Our beautiful 3 year baby girl, Presley Kate...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jaggar is the big 09...

Our boy is already 9 months old. It has gone quickly and it's been SOOO fun.

We had his appt this week and here are a few facts about Jaggar Edward Stillman:

1 - 18.8 lbs (25th %ile...this is where he has always been..little guy)
2 - 29 inches long (went from the 25th %ile to the 75th from his 6 month appt)
3 - Eating solid foods...Bread, Tortilla, bananas, chicken, etc.
4 - Crawling like a champ and is sick of being on the sheet due to the scorpions
5 - Trying to talk...saying mama and dada (but not on call)
6 - Has the most contagious laugh ever...and is the happiest little boy
7 - Is SUCH a lover...cuddles and takes time to love on us
8 - Wakes up WAY too many times a night since his crib is in our room (long story, but his room is the front bedroom of the house and I think that is stupid to have a kid at the front of the we are on the corner....Can't wait to move in less then a week and get him into his own room!!)

We are so blessed to have our little boy. So happy he is so perfect! Here he is having his morning toast with Mommy...

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Due Date...3 years ago with Presley Kate

Oh Presley Kate.

I was due with you 3 years ago today. I was miserable, it was over 100 degrees outside, FAT, swollen and WANTED YOU OUT! I was so excited to see you and hold you. I was going to the doctor almost every day for the last week and was sick of being sent home and not over to the hospital. The doctors office that I was at, I hardly ever saw the same person. I was seeing the MA's for most of the pregnancy until this day when I saw an actual doctor. My main question when going each week was "If I do not have her by the 20th, will I be induced?". I realize there are a lot of people that would not want this, and like to wait for the baby to come naturally, but lets be real people....When you have gained 65...yes 65 lbs in the heat of summer, you feel like a hug hefer cow and just want this watermelon to come out. SO, I was told, "Yes, we will induce if you have not had her by then". HA...YOU LIARS!
After seeing the MA's for all this time, and being told this, I meet with the dr on my due date and he tells me that it's possible that I could go for another 2 weeks. WHAT!?!?! If you could have seen Preston's face when the dr said this to me. I wanted to wrap an IV tube around his neck! So, he left the room and what did I do, just like every appt for the last 2 weeks...CRIED MY EYES OUT.

My poor family and close friends....They hated the dreaded call when I was out of the appt to hear crying and hear that I was headed home =(

I worked at Insight when I was pregnant with you and had an amazing boss that felt bad for he didn't make me work this week and paid me for it :) You were just as stubborn then as you are now!!

I was scheduled to be induced this day, and was to leave the house around 3pm. While getting ready and SO EXCITED, we got a call saying that the hospital was full and they were not able to do it today. OH MY GOSH....I will never forget that feeling. I was SO ready and now had to wait longer. (Mommy is not a patient person, as you can tell)

So, needless to say...even though I wanted you to come and wanted to see your cute didn't want to today. So we waited......

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This may not be a big deal to most but....Today was SUCH a good shopping day!

On Saturday's, I usually spend the day shopping with my mom since she has the day off work. So, today was like any other Saturday. I had to take some things back to a couple stores and so that is what we were off to do. First, we made a stop at Lowes to buy some packing tape. Then we went to TJ Maxx to return a shirt. Then, since we were right there, we went to Hobby Lobby (which is usually a must go place on Saturdays). I figured this would be a good time to look for Presley's invitations for her bday party. So, we go in and spend what seems like 2 hours (possibly could have been) and I find all of the stuff for her invites, go up to the front to pay and my mom buys it for me! How exciting for me! I love it!

So, next we go to Walmart. I needed to just get some necessity items. So, my mom mentions that she saw a basket there the other night and there was only one and it didn't have a price tag. (I have been looking for one for my living room for just some of Jaggar's toys) So, she was on a mission to find it again. After spotting it, and showing me, she asks someone who works there if she knows how much it is or if they have any others. The associate says no and I say "I will take it if it's $5!". THE ASSOCIATE SAYS OK!

Again, I realize this may not be a big deal to most, but I was SO excited! So, here is a picture of my new basket that all of Jaggar's baby toys fit PERFECTLY in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hit the road Jack...

It's finally come. Since the first month we moved into this house in Queen Creek, I have wanted to move OUT. I was 7 months pregnant with Jaggar when I found our first scorpion walking across the kitchen floor. I never knew how fast and graceful I could hop up on the counter with a big belly, but it happened without even thinking about it. (although I think that I definitely peed a little)

There have been a total of 5 scorpions inside the house and I have found everyone of them. My eyes are constantly scanning the floor and ceilings for these stupid, stupid creatures! At night, the black light comes out and all the beds are checked and the house is scanned to make sure we are scorpion free when we hit the sac. Presley has "carpet shoes" (flip flops) that she wears at ALL times when she is on the floor. AND, Jaggar is always on a white sheet when on the floor crawling around. (Which, btw, is not fun anymore now that he is crawling so fast....although I am sure to lose a couple lbs with all of the up and down I am having to do now!)

SO, after lots of searching and viewing MANY homes (cause I am SO picky) God has chosen the one that we will make OUR home. Not to worry, I have spoken with the neighbors (although they prob think their soon to be neighbor is psycho) to make sure there has NEVER been a scorpion that they have seen. It's been confirmed that we are good to go!

So I am happy to say, at the end of August, we will be moving! No more: Carpet shoes, black lights, sheets to crawl on, scanning the house at all times, feeling like we are infested, not feeling "at home".....I CANNOT WAIT!

Goodbye Carpet Shoes
-Love Presley

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mama and her Kids

Yesterday happened to be a very matchy day, so I felt like we should take a few pictures.

Really it was just supposed to be a "Nana and Presley Matchy day", but (not on purpose) we all ended up matching. So, here are just a few cute pictures.

Presley and Nana with their "planned" matching shirts...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ni Hao Presley Kate...

Presley watches Ni Hao Kai Lan and she now thinks she too can "speak chinese". HILARIOUS!

See Video below:

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I just can't believe it. My sweet boy is crawling. This feels SO early to me because my lazy little Presley Kate did not crawl until she was 10 months old. Not even a scoot...nothing. What an over achiever this little boy is. Since we have had scorpions, I always have a white sheet down and now it's going to be a challenge to keep him on it!
Good Job Jag! Daddy, Mommy and Pres are so proud of you!

Newest Project

As fall is around the corner, I am having fun doing projects. ALTHOUGH, with having to move soon, I don't like the UN-homey feeling that I have. Here is another project that I can't wait to put up in the "new" house.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Presley's Penguin "Mumble"

If you know Presley at all, you know that she is obsessed with penguins. This all stemmed from watching Happy Feet when she was younger....and it's never stopped. She still LOVES the movie and looks for penguins wherever we go.

When Pres was younger, we saw that Build A Bear had a penguin so we took her to make one of her own. This is called "Big Mumble" at our house. Well this past week, Preston's mom was here so we were over at his sister's house a lot. One night, after getting home, I get a text from Preston's mom and it reads "A special little girl left a very special toy". My heart jumped into my throat. I could NOT believe that we left Mumble at Jenni's house!!

So, I had to break the news to Presley. She didn't take it too well, but was so tired from the day that she fell asleep too fast that night to think to much about it.

Now morning comes. That is the first time she grabs out of bed usually. So, she asks about "him" and I tell her again that he's at Aunt Jenni's and that Daddy is bringing him home when he comes home from work. She was not happy, but she went on with playing. So mid day comes and it's nap time. She asks about him and I say again about Daddy bringing him home after work. I hear her go in to go to the bathroom before nap and hear her break down in tears saying "Please Daddy, Please bring Mumble to me, please". (He is VERY real to her...not just a stuffed you can tell).

So, here is a little clip of Pres when Preston brought Mumble home to her!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Presley's Pretties

This last week, Shannon and I made a cute project for the kiddos. I have many of Presley's pictures on the fridge so I thought it would be fun for her to have this board in her own room so that she could display her "pretties" in a cute way. It was quite the eventful day, and it's a good thing Trey and Pres get along so well. They played and played AND PLAYED until we were done with the project. I'm so happy with how it turned out and can't wait to get into our new house and display it in Presley's bedroom!