Friday, April 6, 2012

I don't even know what to title this....

Man...I am having a HARD time keeping up with this blogging thing. So, I figured I would try to cram it all into this one blog and make up for the lack of blogging for the past 2 months. :(  I am NOT complaining AT ALL. The lack of blogging is due to being so busy with Paisley Pink Designs which is a HUUUUUGE blessing. I {LOVE} it so much.

So here are a few of the fun things we have done! ....

Playdate with friends :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine party with our friends :)

Making playdough!

LOVE how these colors turned out with the neon food coloring!

BBQ Festival!

Jag and Uncle :)

Ending the fun day with some ice cream! 

I have the cutest daughter EVER :)