Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I thought I would post this little clip of Presley. She has officially learned the word "Gorgeous" you think that she hears it enough?! ha... Just thought it was cute. As I am sitting here typing this, I hear her in the living room saying it while she is playing. She's so special.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a GREAT Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we went to my parents house where we hung out with them and my sisters family. Then on Christmas Day, my parents came over for the day and Preston's Dad and Step Mom came over for just a bit to bring some gifts and visit.
It was so nice. We had a breakfast for Christmas Eve dinner, and we had Ribs and twice baked potatoes for Christmas dinner. Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve.

Me and my sister..

Nana and Papa reading a Christmas story to the kids..

My Best Friend and I...

Presley's FAVORITE thing to do...Pick Grapefruit and Lemons with Papa in their backyard..

Here is our little family..

Both Logan and Presley were sick on Christmas Eve night. Presley's temp spiked to 102 while at my parents house and Logan had an aweful cough. Dispite the sick was a GREAT night and they had fun anyways!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lots of Randomness....

Thought I would just post a few pictures of things that are happening around here. Above is just a picture of Presley in the car on our way to Nana and Papa's house yesterday. Just thought she looked cute a cozy.

Yesterday my parents so graciously took Presley for a few hours so that Preston and I could go see a movie together. We went to see 7 pounds and it was really good. It was REALLY nice to get out and to have a little date. After we were done, we came back home and did some cleaning up around the house and then my parents brought Pres back home. Here is my mom and Presley playing in our front room...

Presley just figured out that I can blow bubbles with my gum so that is VERY exciting to her and she now wants to pop every one!..

And here is Presley and Mommy. She was having fun messing up my hair!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So tonight Daddy had a work dinner to go to, so we went with Presley's best friends to Tempe Marketplace. At 7pm it starts to SNOW!!! The kids were VERY VERY excited! Presley had a ball....and so did we! Here are a few pictures to prove it!
Mommy and Presley before the snow began to fall...

Here we are when the snow started really coming down! It was a blast!

And here I am with my best friend (and her baby boy in her belly!)..

Here is Presley and I in front of the HUGE Christmas Tree. All she could say was "LIGHTS! LIGHTS!"...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Baby

Yesterday while at the Mall, we decided to have Presley meet SANTA CLAUS!! She was a good girl. A little weary of him, but she did really well.

Here they are...

This year has become so fun since she knows what is going on. Last year she was so little and I failed as a mother and did not get her picture taken with Mr. Claus! BUT, I am just happy she is having so much fun! Her new word is "SNOWY" meaning, Snowman. We walk around our neighborhood and that is all that she says the whole way. It's precious.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken last week. Presley did very well and I thought I would share them!
Quite the poser she is...