Thursday, June 16, 2011


To be honest, so much has gone on this weekend and week, I am not sure what to post about. It's been fun an exhausting all at the same time.
This past weekend we had some of our good friends over for dinner, The Brantons and Roberts! We had a BLAST! There were 5 kids (and one in Cindy's belly) here and it was relaxing. How? you ask? WE DON'T KNOW! The kids kept so busy and played so well together.
I did snap some pictures, but I am not sure how to "bleep" out private parts. hmm..that sounds bad. The kids all went in our little pool and they were all naked. DON'T WORRY...I left Jaggar's diaper on. I didn't want all the girls to be checking him out. ;)
Anyways, I just thank God for such great friends. We are blessed.

I realize you see some "tush" in this, but it's the most "appropriate" picture I had :)

Then, this week has been a little insane. I have been watching my niece, Tatum for a couple months now. It's nice to have her, and Presley loves having a play mate 2 times a week. Well my sister in law asked if I would mind having her older girl come this week since it's summer time and she is out of school. SO, that is what happened. THEN, another of my friends asked if I could start watching her 2 children 2 times a week as well. So, this was an interesting week. I am not the most patient person there ever was, so I am thinking that is what God is teaching me through this whole process???? Anyways, I had the kids Monday, Tues and Wed and now am "off" for the rest of the week :) I thank God that I have something that I can make money doing and can do it in the comfort of my own home, with my kids.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Diamondbacks Game...

Yesterday, we went to a Diamondbacks game! We brought Preston's sister and (some of) her family :) It was a blast. The girls had so much fun! We were up PAST the nose bleed section, I think...but to me, its the atmosphere that makes the game fun, not where we are sitting. 
After the game we went and had dinner at Olive Garden. It was such a nice, fun day with family!!

The girls outside the stadium, getting excited!

Happy when we got to our seats!

Our Family!

Cute girls!

Jen and Robert

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Favorite Homemade Sweet Treats

Due to my love of baking......(and eating what a bake ;) ) I have added a tab to my blog to document when I make a homemade sweet treat! I will include pictures of the final project and the recipe! I hope that if you are needing something that is delish, you can pop over to my blog and know that I love food, and HOPE that I am a good judge of a good dessert! :)