Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Jaggar, The Escape Artist...

You love wearing your sisters dress up clothes :)

I love you. You are so so special. You have the SWEETEST spirit about you. You love other kids, you get so excited to see people you love and you give the sweetest kisses. You LOVE your sister so much. You can't stand it when you see Mommy or Presley crying. You call Daddy "Bubba" and he LOVES that. The first thing that you ask for when you wake up is "Bubba?" and you do it with one eye that is scrunched up. It's the cutest thing and I hope I never forget that you did this. On Saturdays we go shopping with Nana and you are such a good boy. You hang out with the girls so well. :) You now can communicate with me a little better. You can tell me when you want a drink by saying "Bup" (cup). You don't like to have poop in your diaper, so you will go in your room and get me a diaper and bring it to me and tell me "poo poo out". (we just introduced the little potty to you this week, no luck yet, but it will come) When Mommy goes running at night, and I put my socks on, you want to be held by me because you know that I am going somewhere and you don't like it. Makes me feel so special....
You climb on EVERYTHING! You find new ways to get up on things, pull things down that you want, open drawers, doors...etc. I had to get the child safety door nob covers because you will go into a room and lock it. :(

With all of that being is one thing that I don't love so much and that I was NOT ready for...

This week, you have discovered that you can hop right out of your crib and join us in the rest of the house at any time. Um, not ok. Presley did not do this until she was 2 years old...which I STILL didn't think was good. I knew in the back of my mind that you would do this soon, but I was just hoping that you would not figure it out...well, you did.

I was in the kitchen when I heard a door close. I was thinking that I must have left a door open and when the air kicked on, it closed it. So, I went and looked in all of the rooms (except YOURS, since I had just put you down for your nap) and everything was fine...
2 minutes later, YOU come walking into the kitchen carrying your blankie. I couldn't believe it. Did you really just do that? Are you really doing this at 20 months? Noooooooooo!

So, I am trying to be positive about this and think "Ok, this is a new stage in your life and we need to be thankful and go with it". (the key word is "trying)...

Although I don't always love the new stages right away, they always seem to lead to something better. I have LOVED the stages you have gone through Jaggar, and you have made mine, your "Bubba's" and your sisters lives so amazing. YOU completed this family and I can't wait to see what the next stage brings.

I love you,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a fun, activity filled fourth of July. The kids were WORN OUT.
Our day started with a BBQ at The Smith home! We had a blast. The kids swam ALL DAY LONG! This was the first time this summer that my kids went in a big pool. Presley is amazing. She has floaties on, but she swims around the pool and goes under the water...we are proud that she is getting so independent! Jaggar was happy just sitting in a little boat or being held :)

Then, we were off to Tumbleweed park for fireworks! LOVED the weather. It really made for a more enjoyable night with the wind! The fireworks were good and the kids were amazed. Glad we made such great memories with our friends and family!

Taking a break for some Watermelon!

Such cute little friends

Chow time!!

This was the only time Presley went down...Wasn't her thing ;)

Cute friends :)
Happy 4th of July!

Presley was saluting in this picture...What a patriotic little gal!

Our cute little babies!

Doing what they do best....

Amazing that they all sat for pictures! What a fun group of kiddos!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

I am just a little behind. BUT....better late then never!

We had a very relaxing Fathers Day this year. I was up early as usual to make Preston some Homemade Strawberry/Lemon Muffins with a Lemon glaze, bacon and eggs....and then we relaxed at home for a good portion of the day. We had originally planned to go to church, but unfortunately, we had two kids who (we think) had allergies and had snotty noses. We felt bad bringing them like that :(
Then, per a little girls request, we went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. My parents joined us too! I was curious to see how Jaggar would do during the movie since we haven't taken him in a long time and he is QUITE the busy boy now. He did GREAT! Both kids really enjoyed the movie...and SO DID WE!

Then we got some Swirl U after the movie!!

Here is our guy! Thanks so much for being such an amazing husband and daddy to us, Preston. We are SO BLESSED that we got you. We had fun celebrating you!