Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jaggar's 2 month Appointment

Jaggar had his 2 month appt which is SO hard to beleive that it's already come!

I like to prepare Presley for the events happening for the day in the morning when we wake up. This moring I told her that we had Jaggar's Dr. Appt and all she kept saying was "It's Jaggar's doctor appt not mine, right mom?". As I replied with "Yes, Presley..It's Jaggar's appt, not yours." She would smile and go on with the day. Then as it got closer, I told her that Jaggar needed to get some shots. I am sure that you can guess what the question of the day was after I told her that. "Jaggar is getting shots today, not me, right mom?". "Yes, Presley, Jaggar, not you." This continued all the way up until we were in the doctor's office and she was giving the shots. She then said "This is Jaggar's doctor, right mom?".

It's not going to be fun the next time I have to take HER to the doctor. Here are a few pictures of my kids on the day Jaggar got his 2 month shots. He did SO well. It was definately harder on me then it was on him.

Here he is not knowing what was coming... Presley Kate...
Right after his shots, already done crying. What a good Boy! Presley and Jaggar in the waiting room... Big sister wanted to sit up with Jaggar so he wouldn't be scared...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Time

On Sunday, Preston's sister Jenni, her boyfriend Robert and Jenni's 3 kids came over to hang out for a little while. Jenni was in the room with me when both Presley and Jaggar were born. Since our families have all been sick at one time or another within the last 6 weeks, she has not seen Jaggar since the day he was born and the kids have not seen hime either. So this was a fun visit! Here are a few pictures of our fun day with the family.

Tatum, Jaggar, Dylan, Trinity and Presley
Tater Bug with JaggarDylan with Jaggar Aunt Jenni and Jaggar
Trin and Jaggar
...and after everyone left, Big Sister got a little time to herself with her little brother....