Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jaggar's Broken Foot

I can't believe (still) that I just typed that title!

So, here is the story. The real story.

We were over at "Uncle" (What he calls Robert, Jenni's fiance) and Aunt Jenni's house on a Sunday night. We had dinner and then it was time to just relax. Robert likes to mess with Jaggar but ALL IN GOOD FUN! Jaggar is "Uncles" little buddy! As they were messing around, Jaggar started running away from Robert and Robert pulled Jaggar's pants down. This causing Jag to trip over the pants :(

All you Mom's will know that there is a "different cry" when you child is REALLY hurt. Well, this is what I heard. Jaggar is the kid that gets hurt and gets over it in a second. SO, Robert went and got a lollie pop (obviously he was feeling super bad at this point) for Jag, and although Jaggar took it, he still was not stopping the fussing and crying. He would not let us put him down.

So the next day when he got up, he complained a lot about his foot and was limping on it. He didn't do too much walking around, especially since we have all tile, I am sure it made it harder on his little foot.

I had a Well Visit appt already made for Jaggar's 2 year, so on Tuesday, we went to that. I had his doctor take a look at the foot. She said it was pretty swollen and was getting a little black and blue. She gave me an X-ray order and said that if by the end of the week he was still complaining and limping, to take him. WELL, that is where the story gets weird. Jaggar COMPLETELY stopped limping and never mentioned his foot (for the next 2 weeks!). I was so happy!

...then came the 23rd (ish) of January and all of sudden I noticed that he had started limping again :( BUMMER!! So, Preston and I took him to get the xray and made another appt with his dr. to find out the results. Luckily we have the best Doctor a Mom or Child could ever ask for . Before we made it in to the dr, Nikki called to tell me that IT WAS BROKEN!!!!! I was soo sad! Then, she called to find a boot that was small enough for Jaggar's little foot. She found a place and made an appt for the next day for us. THEN, on that Wednesday we had yet another appt, but this was for the ortho!

Results were like so: The break was at the base of his big toe. The bone was healing perfectly!

WHEW! I don't want to do that again. Glad our boy is ok and not in any pain! :)

Getting his tiny little boot fitted!

This was the first time he stepped down on it...It took some adjusting :(

His sister was wishing she had one! :( 

Right after this pic, he broke down crying and I was SO SAD for him!

Thought it was cute that it was called a "Wee Walker"

This was the visit to the Ortho. What a good boy he was :)

After the Ortho visit, we went to see Daddy at work and he gave Jag some fun stuff. ie. the glasses, gloved and water bottle :)

The kids had fun playing "Doctor" with these from the Ortho office :)