Saturday, May 28, 2011

How did I get so blessed?....

So, today is my birthday. I turned 29 around 6:30am. Last night, some of our good friends, Jason and Michelle White, took Preston and I out to dinner and a movie. We ate at Brio, which happens to be their favorite restaurant, which ALSO happens to be a restaurant we have never been to. IT WAS DEEEEEEEEELISH! I had a dish called Pasta Alla Vodka. I could eat it all over again today ;), remember I said we went to a movie? Let me start by saying, I am not really a "going to the movie" kinda girl unless it's a "chick flick" (which luckily, Preston doesn't mind going to). I mean, I don't like a lot of movies...nothing remotely scary or suspenseful, in the least.. SO, I don't want to waste my money to go to a theatre when I can wait (which doesn't bother me) and see the movie in my own home so that when I don't like it, I get up and leave the room)

This was not just any movie, this was a theatre in Scottsdale called iPic. If you have not been there....GO! When you walk in, you feel like you are walking into a classy club (is there such a thing, I don't know...). You walk into your theatre and instead of walking briskly to a seat that you would like, you leisurely stroll to your "assigned" seat. You sit down in a RECLINER, and push a button that slowly elevates your feet. THEN, your waiter (yes, I said the movie theatre) comes over to find out if you would like anything from the bar. relaxing!  Oh, I failed to mention that there is a little pillow and the MOST amazing, softest blanket sitting there, just waiting to get cuddled in your lap. Uh huh.

And, btw....a general admission is $17.50, WHICH includes the popcorn (and the pillow and blanket and recliner and.....well, you get the point.) So, although we were "treated" for my birthday, I wouldn't mind paying this price and going back again!

So, we saw Bridesmaids, which I thought was quite funny. It was a VERY enjoyable time and I CANNOT WAIT to go back to the iPic Theatre again! Thank you so much for a super fun night guys! We love you!

Preston and Jason waiting to go into the movie.
The cute newlyweds :) Love them!!
US! So relaxed! 
There I was, with my feet up...sipping a diet coke :)
Jason all cuddled up with his blanket!
Michelle and Me at Brio! Love her!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's SO smart!!!

This week specifically, I have really been working hard with Presley on her name. She loves coloring  on her magna doodle so I figured this would be the most fun way to work with her.
Let me just tell you....I was SHOCKED at how quickly she picked up on the letters. I am not sure why I was so shocked...I mean, I do feel that she is the SMARTEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE WORLD, but don't we all think that about our own children?

We started with one letter at a time and I took a picture of the FIRST time she wrote each letter when looking at the one that I wrote. Here is what we got....

This is the only letter she needed help I put dots, and she connected them.

If you look closely, you can see all of the letters...just not all in order yet ;)

I am just so proud of my girl. She is so very special to me :)
Watch when she gets to the "s". Instead of writing the letter, she starts to put dots. I wanted to cry when she did this. That is what I do when she gets to the S to help her learn to write it. She is so sweet.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just an update....

We are all still alive..... just sick. Can't wait to have a healthy house again!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Last minute Zoo trip...

On Thursday, Preston had the day off. After waking up, he mentioned going to the zoo. So, we packed up and went. We got there around 9:30 and stayed until 11:30. The only reason we made it that long was because we ended at the splash pad. It was HOOOOOOTTTTTTT when we left. I don't like it.
Aside from that, it was a really nice day and we ended it with dinner at my parents house.
Her favorite thing to see at the zoo is the snakes...she could have stayed here forever!

Jaggar got to be out walking around a lot more this time to the was so much more fun!!

Cute Daddy and Son

Pres likes the "fairy dogs"

Jaggar was NOT sure about this guy!

The best bro/sis pic I could get =)

SPLASH PAD! What a bathing beauty! 

Just doing a little light reading while cooling off in the water.

Watching his sister and laughing

He wasn't having it

LOOOOOOVE this picture. Like Father, Like Son.

About 5 minutes after leaving the zoo

He's my favorite.

Love him.