Friday, September 2, 2011

First their sour, then their sweet...


Where do I even start? Normally I do not use my blog to vent about the crappy day I have had, but this story ends with SUCH a sweet moment. So let me begin...

Presley has been having a hard time with her listening skills for the past week. We have told her over and over that she needed to listen or else...  Well, this didn't seem to be working. Well, the s*** hit the fan today and I had just had it. I took the kids on a walk this morning before it was blazing hot. BEFORE the kids even got into the wagon, I said to Presley "This time, you are going to stay in the wagon since it's a short walk". I thought that since I had told her ahead of time, that she would just sit and enjoy the ride.

We walked around the block, I am going to say it was about a quarter mile. I think that I heard to ask me to get out of the wagon approximately 900 times (slight exaggeration but you get the point). I told her no a few times, and ignored her the rest. Finally, when we got close to home, I told her that she could go straight to her room when we got home. (She HATES this.) So, that is what she did.

Now, I am sure that this seems petty to most, but this little incident is one of MANY that have built up in me this week that I had just let slide.

So, (the part that I hate) I gave the girl 2 swats after explaining to her why I was giving her a spanken. I hate this SO much because I seriously never have to spank Pres. She is usually that kid that when you tell her once, she listens and won't try to push her luck. (well, not this week)

So this was just the start...other things went on through the day that were basically in the same family as this other offense, and she was reminded of what she had done wrong. She usually would say "Sorry, Mom" really quick and realize what she was doing.

I am so worked up over this day that I really could go on and on....but I will spare you all the details and just get to the sweet part, since it's my favorite.

I had explained to Presley and Daddy was going to be disappointed when he heard how she was today. So, when I heard Preston come through the door, Presley quickly came into me and wouldn't leave my side. She didn't want Daddy to know how she acted. So, the time had come. I told her that SHE could tell Daddy what happened today. SIDE NOTE: Presley is ULTRA sensitive and tends to feel super bad after doing something wrong. This sometimes can make me cave because of course I don't like to see her sad and, I was strong. 
So, in between lots of tears, she told Preston what had happened. This gave us the opportunity to really talk to her and explain what we expected of her and how much we love her.

To end the evening, we all got on our bed, like we do each night for our prayer time, and MAN, does God work. Presley's face was lit up and she was happy again. I felt like a load had been lifted just from that one prayer (although I had said many throughout the day due to the disarray!)

I just thank God for my family. I have not had THIS kind of day in a LOOOOONG time, and to be honest, I hope I don't have it for a loooooong time again, BUT, as I am sitting here, Presley and Preston are in the bedroom still, and he is reading versus from the Bible to her because she wants to memorize them. If it took this kind of day to help our little girl be excited about the Bible and learning about God's Word...then, I will take it.