Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas was definately one of the most fun to date! I have a feeling they will keep getting better (and more expensive) ;) as the kids grow up! On thursday before Christmas, we were invited to a friends house to see Santa and his elf! It was so fun! We were instructed to bring a gift and put it in Santa's big bag outside the door before we came in. Then, when Santa came in, he would pick up his bag filled with gifts for the kids! SO FUN! Presley couldn't believe it. It was a surprise and I am so glad that I didn't spill the beans that he would be there :)

Santa, Snappy, Presley, Jaggar and Mommy! :)

Presley's gift from Santa...How did he know she wanted this Penguin from...HOBBY LOBBBY! ha

Christmas Eve we went to a service at church which was so fun since the kids got to participate. The first part was of course christmas songs and then they did a Christmas Story and we got to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! I love this...We have really been trying to explain to Presley the real meaning of Christmas. Although Santa is very real to her and she has fun with it, we want her to know why we are celebrating the day.

Presley opening her stocking on Christmas Eve! She was VERY excited that "Jack" our Elf, brought her a gift card to Build a Bear for her to get Mumble from Happy Feet 2. 
Santa Came!

Presley has been wanting a new umbrella forever! ... I mean, since it rains so much and all. ;)

And a Fedora hat just like her mom :)

Jaggar looooves tools, and got a lot of them :)

Santa ate all the cookies and drank some milk!! 

 Nana and Papa came over in the morning after we did our present thing and the kids got a few things from them! They were SO EXCITED!! Nana always knows just what to get them. I could be stickers from the dollar store and they are happy!

So blessed to have this family :)

My cute babies :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trains, Trains and MORE TRAINS

This year we did something a little different. Instead of going to a neighborhood to look at Christmas Lights, we went to a house that had toooooooons of trains and his WHOLE backyard was set up soley for the trains! The kids LOVED this so much. We didn't know exactly what to expect but man was it fun for the kids!

This will definately be something we do each year :)

The amount of trains this man has is INSANE!!!

This is the best we could get...little turd!

Dedication, Thanksgiving and DTC Party...

I have been and AWFUL blogger lately and there have been so many fun things to post about! I may have to squeeze a couple into one post.
Let me start with the kids being dedicted at church. I have to get more of the pictures from my sister, but wanted to recognize this since it meant to much to us! We have been going to Sun Valley Community Church for about 8 months and we just love it. We feel like it's where we should be and we LOOOOOVE the people there! We have met so many amazing people that have become such great friends from there :) SO, it was a fun and exciting day to take our kids to be dedicted and know that others will be praying from them to grow up loving God!
We have chosen a life verse for Presley and Jaggar that we feel is a good one to live by. 1 Timothy 4:12 says "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

THANKSGIVING! We had a great year and it was SO relaxing! Thanksgiving was NOT at our house this year which means ... wait for it....NO CLEAN UP! Ahhhh..So nice! We went to my sisters house and had lunch over there and then headed over to Preston's sisters house to do dessert! Here are a few pictures from the day...

I made these with my silhouette since I was SO excited that I got it!! 

Now it brings me to the Discount Tire Christmas party! I was SO THANKFUL for one of my best friends, Christin, for doing my hair! She is AMAZING! It was such a fun time sitting down and talking to her while she created something beautiful for me!! We were picked up in a Limo around 4:30 and had a relaxing ride to the Biltmore for our fun night! I am so thankful for a company that has such a fun party and that we get to get THAT dressed up for! This year was for sure the most fun for me! After the awards, and dinner, we danced the night away! (well, me and some of the other wives, not Preston so much ;)
The kids stayed at Preston's sister we came home to a quiet house! :)

Love Jason and Michelle :)
In the Limo! :)