Friday, November 18, 2011

Presley's First Field Trip at Schnepf Farms

Presley had her first field trip this week at Schnepf Farms! What a fun day! First we hopped on a hay ride and took a tour of the farm. Then, we went into the petting zoo and got to see the goats, cow, donkey, and duck! After that, we walked over to pick some radishes in the garden! What a fun way for the kids to learn about fresh veggies!! Then, to end the day, we went on a train ride around the farm and sat down to eat lunch. 

I am so unbelievably blessed to get to spend this kind of day with my Presley. Jaggar had a fun day hanging out with Aunt Sheri and Cody (Thanks Sis!!)...So the alone time with Pres was FANTASTIC!

So fun that we get to go on field trips with our BF's! 

I feel so blessed to get to spend this time with Presley :)
Presley's friends Trey and Layla
Madison and Presley :)

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Petting a Goat!

Presley with schoolmates!

Getting ready to pick some radishes! 

Learning to pick the radishes from the farmer :)

On the train ride at the end of the day. So relaxing! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jaggar is TWO!

Well, it's happened. Our boy has turned two and it feels like I JUST had him. Man, it went fast.

Jaggar Boy:

You have brought SO much love and joy to our family. I remember the first time we brought you home and your sister looked at you for the first time. Her first question was "Can he walk?". I am sure she just wanted you to get down and start running around with her :) The love is so real and pure between you and Presley. You will sit watching a movie together on her lap or holding hands. When you and her are in the car and you fall asleep, she will hold your hand the whole time and with her other hand, she will hold your head up so that your neck won't hurt when you wake up. Yesterday, Presley accedentally threw her little toy into a bush with thorns and without hesitation, you shimmied your way into the bush to get it for her and when you came out you said "Here Pres"! I can't express to you how proud it makes me feel as your Mom to see you taking care of things so that Presley doesn't get hurt (although you may not understand that is why you do it yet).

Thank you so much for being such a fun boy. You are BUSY BUSY BUSY and you keep Mommy and Daddy on our toes, but it's fun! When Presley THINKS about something, you do it. You are not scared of anything (except for being held upside down or being thrown up too high). You are talking so much now! You TRY to tell me so much. Usually we can figure out what it is that you want. Your FAVORITE thing right now is to wear Daddy's safety glasses all the time. You were them everywhere! You also love to dress up in whatever you can find. Jackets, SOCKS, gloves, Mommy and Daddy's underwear. ANYTHING! This is EXACTLY like your sister did (and still does from time to time) You love shoes. Any shoes. You love being outside. There are so many things that you love right now. You are doing SO much better with eating which makes my life so much easier. Not knowing if you were actually eating enough before was NO FUN! So, thank you for that!
Jaggar, I pray that you grow up to be that brother that always protects you sister, the son that always loves their Daddy and Mommy and that Christian who always yearns to have a relationship with God. YOU are going to be someone. You are going to go far in life.
Your Daddy and I will always be there to support you.
We love you so much. Thank you for being our boy.