Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IT'S A ..... BOY!!

Yep it's true! It's a boy!! We are SOOOO excited! Here are a few pictures incase you are having any doubts...ha....

Here is his cute little pucker face!

Our prayers continue that he is a healthy happy little boy. Oh, and his name is Kelton Edward!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Toy Town for Bella's Birthday...

Presley had the time of her life last week at her friend Arabella's first birthday party. We went to Toy Town. It's a small place with LOTS to do. It was actually really relaxing for me, and Presley could play with and take out ANYTHING she wanted because....I DIDN'T HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP!!! It was so nice.

She liked a little of everthing!

Here is a cute picture of her as a fire fighter with Spiderman and a dinasour. What a kid!
...oh, and how funny...look at Trey is the background driving the police car. He's on a mission!

Presley's First Movie Theatre Movie..UP

So, a couple of weeks ago, we took Presley to see her first movie in the theatre. Before the movie, we anticipated having to leave early...BUT WE DIDN'T! She sat or stood through the WHOLE thing and loved it. I think that she felt like a big girl in the big kid seat (even though Preston and I had to hold the seat down the whole time since she didn't weigh enough..we didn't tell her that though..hee hee).
This was such a nice time though. It's so fun now that Presley is getting older. Although it's hard to see them grow up, it's also a really good feeling too.

Here are a few pictures of our BIG Girl.

Here she was holding on to the railing, completely focused on the movie.

It's nice to know that the movie theatre thing is a sucess and we will definately be doing it again!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a Kid...

Here is Presley's new thing. She loves her sunglasses and loves her Zebra bouncy toy. She pulls it in front of the tv and watches movies.