Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's that time of year again when my first born has another birthday and is another year older. This year we started planning early, because we could. The two years prior, we moved at the end of August, so I couldn't have the the birthday party for her that I had wanted. It was SO fun this year! We decided on a Ice Cream Party Theme!
Presley was so excited and it was so fun to see the joy in her face when she saw all the people that she loves come and celebrate with us. We really want to thank all of our friends and family for making the day so special. (and for those that couldn't make it...we missed you!!)
Here are a few pictures from the day! (and by few, I mean, a alot)

The birthday girl with her cute brother ;)

The dessert table :)

Chocolate covered oreos...DELISH!! 

Rock Candy Cupcakes

Ice cream cones (cake balls on the inside)

Chocolate covered pretzels


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Mommy with the big girl :)

Us with our (almost) 4 year old!

Our fam :)

Our fam + our token black friend :) Love you Mark!!

Pres with her best bud "Bubba"

Cake Time!

Layered birthday cake!

My best :)

Pres with her NaNa

Pres with Nana and Papa

Pres with Uncle Bob (heehee) and Aunt Jenni

Cousin Logan!

Present Time! 

Presley's fur coat from Ms Lorrie and Grandma Marlene!

Presley's GUITAR!!!!! Thanks Aunt Brenda!!

Relaxing after the party...playing some tunes

Sweet Girl :)


Having fun!

We love you baby girl...you may get older but you will ALWAYS be our baby girl :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Presley Started Preschool!

Today was a huge turning point in little Presley Kate's life. She was so excited to start her preschool adventure! I was so proud of her today. From the minute she woke up, she was asking "when is it time to go to school?"....whaaaaaat? I couldn't believe I was hearing my "almost" 4 year old BABY say that! Leading up to this day, Presley would explain to me that "I am going to go to school alone, but I am not going to cry mom, cause I am going to be fine!". She would say this in the same voice that I had explained that to her a while ago when she first went to meet her teacher. It's almost like she was convincing herself at first...which worked! She was completely convinced that she was perfectly fine, and that she was a big girl. :)
So, here are a few pictures from our VERY eventful day. I am SO blessed to be Presley's mom and to share these AMAZING memories with her. She is the light of our lives and we are so absolutely excited to see how God helps to her to learn.

This was supposed to have her name on it, but it was mistakenly sent with the wrong name, should get the new one this week!
Mama with the BIG PRESCHOOLER!

The anticipation was killing her!

Standing in front of her school

Trey is in the class right before Presley. Glad we got to get a picture of these 2 cute friends together!

This is Presley's whole class :)

...and there she goes...tear :'(

Jaggar excited to see Presley. Not like you can tell. 

Waiting for Presley at the door of her school.
 So, the day went perfectly! Presley LOVED school and loved her teacher and classmates. She is so excited to go back :) She was so happy to see Jaggar when she walked out of her class!
All done with her first day and was excited to be greeted by her little bro.
We missed her :)